“The Heart of Wawona at the Core of Yosemite National Park”

Yosemite National Park is Mother Nature’s most impressive creation in the majestic West, Wawona is the best-kept secret inside Yosemite, and historic Camp Chilnualna (pronounced “Chill New All Na”) Cabins in Yosemite have been Wawona’s beating heart for nearly a century.

 No matter what you love most about Yosemite—from its thunderous, cascading waterfalls, to epic granite monoliths, and unparalleled wildlife—you will fall in love with Wawona because it has everything except hordes of tourists invading your precious experience at every turn.

 Have you ever:

  • Awaken to take a one-minute walk to the best swimming hole in the pristine Merced River?
  • Felt the exhilarating flow of a bona fide Yosemite waterfall washing over your entire body?
  • Hooked a hungry Yosemite trout and taken it home for the freshest grilled fish dinner ever?
  • Stared at a luminous sunset reflecting off epic Wawona Dome?
  • Lied down on an ancient granite boulder and watched the stars of the Zodiac drift across the horizon?

These are a select few from an endless list of profound experiences happening any given day when you stay at Camp Chilnualna Cabins in Yosemite.  Wawona lies at the core of the original kernel designated Yosemite National Park. Spectacular Glacier Point vistas and lush Yosemite Valley are only a half hour drive north. The Mariposa Grove of giant sequoia trees is a mere ten-minute drive south from Camp Chilnualna Cabins in Yosemite.

Camp Chilnualna—which means “echo of the waters” in the indigenous Paiute tribe tongue—is the original epicenter of Wawona. For most of the small cabin community’s 100-year history the May family has been in charge of Camp Chilnualna, which for a time included a gas station, general store, and a the Idlewilde movie theatre where Cabin 12c stands now. Link to Cabins here.

Yosemite is not a pet friendly place in general, dogs are not allowed in the Valley, but never fear—there is Yosemite Pet Care. Wawona is located conveniently between the Valley and the Mariposa Groove of giant sequoia trees where life-long resident Garth May at Camp Chilnualna is happy to take care of your beloved pet. They’ll be happy too. Garth is like Radagast (Hobbit reference!)—he’s a wizard of woods that all kinds of creatures take to like a long lost uncle. He’s a creature comforter that literally grew up with a pet deer, knows where all the animals on his premises like to hang out, and is a veteran dog whisperer. The premises are a pet paradise. The hardest part about dealing with Yosemite Pet Care will be picking up your pets because after a stay with Garth May, it’s hard to get them back in the car. Link to Yosemite Pet Care Here.


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